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Application for Service Connection

Company Policy


1. Shall agree to conform and abide by the CWD resolutions, rules and
regulations appertaining to water services;

2. Shall agree to pay the service fee, other fees, and charges, including
increases thereto, which may be approved by the CWD Board of

3. Shall relieve CWD from any liability on Right of Way issues arising from
the newly installed service connection. The applicant undertakes to
settle and resolve the matter on his own;

4. Shall accept the water supply and pressure conditions that is provided
by the distribution system at the location of the service connection and
shall agree to relieve the water district for any liabilities arising out of
low- or high-pressure conditions and interruption of water services;
5. Shall agree that the Water Meter is not part of the water service
connection charges that he/ she had paid and that the water meter shall
be installed at a tap stand nearest to his/ her premises or as may be
directed by the CWD;

6. Shall protect the water meter installed at all times, regardless of its
location, under his/her account. If stolen or damaged, he/she pays the
current cost of the water meter;

7. Shall be responsible for the installation of pipes and fixtures after the
water meter and its proper maintenance to prevent pipe leakage and
water contamination. Water whether consumed or wasted shall be the
responsibility/accountability of the CUSTOMER;

8. Shall pay his/her water bill including all charges, regularly on or before
the specified due date at the CWD office or through its authorized
collecting banks and/or payment centers. Non-receipt of bill does not
relieve him/her of liability or disconnection, and shall be deemed a debt
to the District;

9. Shall agree that payment shall be applied first to surcharges and other
charges, then to water bills in arrears before the payment be applied to
the current bill;

10. Shall agree that water service will be disconnected if the water bill
remains unpaid twenty (20) days after billing. Once disconnected, he/
she shall pay the reconnection fee in addition to the full payment of the
outstanding balance prior to reconnection;

11. May request for TEMPORARY DISCONNECTION upon full payment
of the accounts for a period not to exceed six (6) months; that he/ she
shall pay P100.00 or the current rate as may be approved by the CWD
Board of Directors before restoration of water service;

12. Shall agree that in the event that the water meter becomes stuck or
defective for one reason or another, the average consumption of the
customer for the last three (3) months prior to the date when the water
meter becomes stuck or defective shall be the basis of the billing during
the months the meter is stuck up or defective;

13. Together with the house/building owner and lot owner, unconditionally
agree that they shall be jointly and severally liable under this contract.
It shall be the obligation of the house/building, and lot owner’s
obligation to monitor the accounts of his/her tenant or lessee;

14. Attests that the application is not to avoid the payment of a dormant or
unpaid account to CWD. If discovered that the applicant or his/her
spouse have an unsettled obligation to CWD, the CWD reserves the
right to charge the unpaid account of the old connection to the new
service account.

15. Agrees that CWD water service connection is location specific. Thus, it
cannot be transferred or the supply be diverted to other lots unless
approved by the CWD;

16. Agrees that the service connection can not be extended outside of the
service coverage area of Carcar Water District. Any violation thereof
shall be a ground for disconnection;

17. Agrees that this contract is non-transferrable. In case there is a transfer
of ownership, it is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER to notify CWD
in writing of the same. Failure to comply, the CUSTOMER is liable for
the water bills incurred or any illegal acts committed by the new owner
or actual occupant. The same applies for abandonment.


1. Undertakes to provide water service at the customer’s address
indicated above or in the house/building subject of the application after
submission of documentary requirements, signing of contract and
payment of the required fees. For this, the CWD;

a. Shall provide all necessary pipes, fittings, materials and water
meter from the tapping point up to the water meter pipe assembly
and responsible for the maintenance of mainline pipe, before the
meter installation up to the water meter;

b. Shall bill the customer based on the current water rates, and
other charges as may be approved by the CWD Board of
Directors and Local Water Utilities Administration. In case of
increase in water rates, the same shall be implemented

c. Shall bill the customer for other services other than the supply
and delivery of water.

2. Shall determine the size of the service connection and the location of
the meter stand assembly, and has the absolute right to transfer meter
if deemed necessary.

3. The CWD shall classify the user as Residential; Government;
Commercial/Industrial; or Bulk/Wholesale, and reclassify the same if it
is found that the CUSTOMER changes the nature of the use of the
service connection which entails a different classification.

4. Shall impose a penalty/surcharge of ten percent (10%), or at the rate
as may be approved by the CWD Board of Directors in case of nonpayment
of account after Due Date, which is Fifteen (15) days from the
Billing Date.

5. Shall disconnect the water service connection after a Five (5) day grace
period from Due Date. Disconnection is to be effected, without the need
for additional notice. The CWD statement of account shall also serve
as Notice for Disconnection;

6. Shall not be liable for interruption of services for causes beyond its
control and should not be liable to the CUSTOMER for damages
caused by defective connections. However, CWD undertakes to notify
customers for any scheduled water service interruptions due to
maintenance work through social media or any other means.

7. Has the right to disconnect existing water service, penalize the
customer and file a legal action in court for any of the following causes
or grounds;
a. Violation of any terms and condition of this contract;
b. Violation of the plumbing standard;
c. Any misrepresentation or falsification made at the time of the
application for water service and
d. Violation of RA 8041, otherwise known as the “Water Crisis Act
of 1995” and PD 198, as amended.

Any violation of the provisions hereof shall be a ground for immediate
disconnection of services without prejudice on the part of CWD to file the
proper case in court!