Conditions for the Availment:

  1. The Senior Citizen must be a resident of the household.
  2. Consumption should not exceed 30 cubic meters.
  3. This is granted by the household regardless of the number of senior citizens living therein.
  4. Meter registration should be in the name of the senior citizen for a period of one year.
  5. Application for discount availment shall be renewed yearly and shall be processed at least one month before the one year period will be lapse.

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Who can avail the Senior Citizen Discount?

    • Must be the Owner of the account and has a government-issued Senior Citizen’s ID. The senior citizen must also be residing in the household. 

How many percentage of discount is applied for Senior Citizens?

    • 5% Discount

How many accounts can be applied for Senior Citizen Discount?

    • Only one account can be applied.

What type of account is eligible for Senior Citizen Discount?

    • Only Residential accounts are eligible.

Is there a limit for Water Consumption for Senior Citizen Discount?

  • Yes, water consumption must not exceed 30 cubic meters. If more than 30 cubic meters, Senior Citizen Discount will not be applied.

How long does Senior Citizen’s Discount last?

    • The Senior Citizen Discount expires after one year and must renew before the expiration date.

When will the Senior Citizen Discount take effect?

  • Effective immediately as soon as it is processed and accepted. The Senior Citizen Discount is applied if you apply for it before the meter reading in your area, but if you apply after the meter reading, it will start on the following month.

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