January 21, 2022

To our Valued Concessionaires:

Please be informed of the implementation of the new approved Water Rate adjustment effective on the February 2022 billing.

As costs of basic commodities throughout the country continue to rise, the water district is committed to managing these costs by making adjustments at the least possible amount, while upholding its commitment to delivering safe and sustainable water for all. This rate adjustment will help ensure the reliability and affordability of basic water services throughout the City of Carcar.

It has been nine years since the last rate adjustment was implemented in 2013.

Minimum ChargeP 146P 169
11-20 cu.m (P/cu.m)15.6018.15
21-30 cu.m (P/cu.m)18.2021.10
31-40 cu.m (P/cu.m)21.2024.50
41-up cu.m (P/cu.m)24.7028.55
Franchise tax at 2% of gross water sales shall be a pass-on charge.  

See attached schedule of new water rates.

For further details, the office can be reached at tel. no 341-5872 or at the CWD Bldg. in San Vicente St., Pob. I, Carcar City, Cebu. 

Thank you and keep safe.