Bento cakes were given to the October birthday celebrants as tokens.

CWD management, thru the Human Resource Division, organized a short program for the birthday celebrants for the month of October. Employees born in the month of October were:

  • Lienel Pantilgan
  • Sergzel  Aliser
  • Angeline Mier
  • Serge Jude Bargayo
  • Rodelio Lauron
  • Eduardo Pabroa
  • Adam Ybanez
  • Jhope Cabarida 

Close friends and families sent well-wishing birthday messages to the celebrants. The celebrants were also given birthday cakes and a small token each as a birthday present. Some trivia about the celebrants were presented via question and answer format. Employees who made the right guess about the trivia were given presents, too. The birthday celebrants also sent messages to their families and loved ones, and to their CWD family who celebrated with them on their special day.   

In his message, GM Remo said that while birthdays are more exciting and appealing to children, one’s birthday is a reminder of how lucky we are to reach another year and another milestone in our life.

The next birthday program will be held in November.