Carcar Water District, the foremost water supplier in the City of Carcar, Cebu, is now adopting a new vision-mission statement.

This, after the management recommended to the Board for the revision of the old vision-mission statements which had been in effect for more than fifteen years. In turn, during a meeting held in June 2019, the Board approved the recommendation of management. As it stands, the new vision and mission statements of the water district reads:


CWD: the most outstanding government water and sanitation service provider in the Philippines by the year 2030


CWD commits to provide excellent water and sanitation services through compliance with mandated standards and responsible administration of corporate and natural resources by competent and value-oriented employees

Core values

S P I R I T: Service, Professionalism, Integrity, Resilience, Innovativeness, Teamwork

With this development, the office logo had been improved also in order to reflect the core values of CWD employees. Kimberly Alesna, an employee assigned at the Human Resource division, was very glad of the new vision-mission statements. She said that being part of the team that revisited, reviewed and crafted the new vision and mission of CWD was something she felt very proud of. “Surely, she said, “these statements will set a more refreshed purpose and clearer direction for the office.”

The new vision-mission statements of CWD was revised last May 2019. Key personnel from every division of the water district participated in the orientation-workshop which was held at the Tatope Pension House in Valladolid, Carcar City, Cebu sometime in May 2019.

“The new mission and vision statements, as well as the core values of the water district, have been the product of the collaborative efforts of key personnel after a grueling two-day workshop”, said Ruby Angelica Galicano, Division Manager for Admin. She added that it is the collective representation of what the office and its personnel truly stand for.

The official launching of the new vision-mission statements, core values as well as the logo will be made before the end of 2019.