The Civil Service Commission Regional Office No. VII awarded the Carcar Water District with the Brigada Ahensya Award under the category on Repairs, Refurbishings and Repainting of Fixtures for the improvement of its building. The Plaque of Recognition was handed to CWD, which was represented by Atty. Democrito Barcenas, Chair of the Board, and Ms. Josefa Salvacion N. Manugas, Department Manager for Admin and Finance, on the occasion of the 119th Anniversary of the Philippine Civil Service, held on September 11, 2019, at the Cebu Provincial Capitol Social Hall in Cebu City.

When asked about the reason for the improvement of the main building, CWD General Manager, Engr. Edward L. Remo said that the need for additional working space had been the perennial problem of management considering the growing population of office personnel and the steady increase in the number of service connections these past few years. He continued that with limited space available, productivity and efficiency of office personnel were at risk of being affected given the discomfort and inconvenience of limited working space. This was the main reason why the 3rd floor of the CWD building was renovated and the entire building façade was repainted in the latter part of 2018.

The third floor of the CWD building now serves as the area wherein the planning and engineering units of the water district hold office. It also serves as the headquarters of VEI, a Netherlands based water company that provides technical and financial assistance to its beneficiary-partners in the country, one of which is the Carcar Water District.

Because of its improved condition, the third floor can now be considered a prime area in the building wherein the management would welcome official guests and visitors, and from time to time, also serves as a venue for meetings, conferences, and other related functions. “From being an empty space, the third floor is now transformed into becoming a very significant part of the building as it provides ease, comfort, and convenience to the employees, not to mention the sense of pride that it brings to them as they welcome guests and visitors,” said Ms. Josefa Manugas, one of the officers of the water district. She concluded that the repainting of the entire office façade and the construction and renovation of the third floor has brought vibrance to the building, added color and value to the water district, develop a sense of pride to the employees in general while providing ease, comfort, and convenience in particular.

The improvement project commenced in January 2018 and was completed in March 2019.